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HerbanRain is located inside of Lakeview Family Wellness in Kenmore, WA


HerbanRain was created to offer the people of Seattle and surrounding areas, easy access to nutritional intravenous (IV) therapy. At HerbanRain we offer simple pricing and information for our nutritional IV therapy and nutritional injections so that you know what to expect when coming to see us. HerbanRain’s nutritional IV therapy and nutritional shot services are conducted under the care of the Doctors and staff at Lakeview Family Wellness in Kenmore, WA. Each client will have a short visit with a Lakeview Family Wellness doctor prior to getting IV therapy or injections for a short intake session. This session is included in the price of your IV therapy package. If you wish to establish care with your Lakeview Family Wellness doctor to address your health concerns on a deeper level, a simple process will be needed to setup further care.


IV DRIPS $120 Each


Our “Hot Toddy” IV drip is perfect for immune support. This IV cocktail will help you kick that cold or flu as quick as possible! Also good for traveling professionals, teachers, or anyone that would need extra immune system support.


The “Margarita” IV cocktail is a quick pick-me-up. This IV drip includes everything your body needs to be happy. This IV therapy drip is your go-to solution for general wellness.


Our “Mai Tai” IV therapy is the ultimate drip to reduce inflammation throughout your entire body.


The “Martini” was built to speed up your metabolism and help you reach your weight loss goals. This IV drip is also great at helping you metabolize sugars, carbs, fats, and proteins.


The Myers Cocktail is the godfather of IV therapy cocktails and sets the gold standard for using IV therapy as a means of incredible health.


Want to personalize your IV therapy? Meet with one of specialized doctors to create a completely custom IV drip. This is the ultimate way to get personalized nutritional IV therapy.

** The price of a custom IV can vary between $120 and $600 per drip depending on your wants and desires.

**All of the above IVs are available in our JUMBO size. Our JUMBO size IVs contain up to 8 times as much nutritional power as our standard IV drips and cost between $225 and $350.




In addition to being one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. Glutathione plays a big role in detoxification and protecting cells against damage. Anywhere in your body that is suffering from inflammation will benefit from this compound. Studies have shown that levels of glutathione directly correspond to the health and function of your cells.


Most commonly used for hair loss, brittle nails, skin rash in infants, diabetes, and mild depression, biotin’s benefits are far-reaching! If you’ve been buying biotin shampoo to improve the health of your hair, consider that it doesn’t do any good to put baking soda on the outside of your cake! Hair is built from the inside out, so injections may be a great way of getting biotin where it needs to go — inside!


Carnitine helps improve the efficiency of your mitochondria in making energy. This nutritional shot can help in any area where energy production needs some attention: kidney and heart problems, male infertility, and inflammation to name a few. Early studies are suggesting carnitine can improve fatigue, ADHD, autism, and athletic performance.


Nobody loves phosphatidylcholine (foss-fuh-TID-ill-KOH-leen) as much as your liver does! This amino acid is a vital food for suffering livers, so think of this for liver disease, gallbladder conditions, detox programs, or if you’re taking medications that are hard on your liver. Show your hardworking liver some love with a PC nutritional injection!


ALA is a strong antioxidant, useful for the treatment of diabetes, viral infections, liver disease, and much more! Ask your doctor if ALA could be a helpful addition to your treatment plan.


Mitochondria are the energy factories for your cells, and they need an enzyme called CoQ10 to do their job! Not only can this nutritional injection support your natural energy production, CoQ10 can help improve your nerve and cardiovascular health.

** Using a POWER BOOSTER will add at least 1 extra IV bag to your session. This will increase your drip time and also increase the amount of pure hydration you get.



For use with thyroid dysfunction. Also used to stimulate glandular function, enhance the defensive system, and help with connective tissues.


Used to relieve symptoms associated with chronic viral infections, particularly the flu. Will help with fever, fatigue, body aches and painful joints.


Helps relieve pain from trauma, sports injuries, inflammation, and arthritis.


When enzymes are sluggish and chemical pathways are blocked, this compound helps to stimulate tired functions.


Stimulates the defensive mechanism against toxins.


Great for relief of inflammation due to injury, minor illness, or arthritis.


Relief of inflammation or boils associated with minor illness.


Stimulates the defense system to help with eczemas, acne, allergies, and other skin conditions.


Helps with arthritis and disorders of the joints, especially in the spine.


Stimulates the body’s intrinsic defense systems for use with fever and inflammation. Useful for the flu, heart issues, boils, abscesses, gingivitis, sinus infections, and skin diseases.


An all-around support for cancer care, this compound helps during remission, pre- and post-operation, and before/after radiation therapy.

NUTRITIONAL SHOTS Price Varies (See Below)

Trigger Point Injections

Great for managing acute muscle spasms, inflammation, and pain. These are injected directly into the affected area to soothe and relax panicking muscles. Works well paired with massage, or can push the reset button when massage doesn’t cut it.

Price $85

B12 Booster

Big brother to the “B Booster”, this vitamin injection contains the form of B12 that is already activated for you, so those tired enzymes can take a little break — better for people with known MTHFR mutations or who are severely low on B12.

Price: $20

Bone Builder

Combat arthritis and osteoporosis with this perfect combo of Vitamin D, magnesium, and an additive specifically for keeping those spinal discs happy and plump. Your bones will thank you!

Price: $35

Fat Blaster

Designed to both stimulate and support your metabolism, this injection is a powerful tool to add to your weight loss regimen. Kiss those love handles goodbye!

Price: $30

Weekend Warrior

Whether you’re finally running that 5K, tackling that big job in the backyard, or shuttling the kids to all their games, you deserve to fuel your weekend adventures with something more sophisticated than coffee. Try this weekend warrior nutritional shot to help with energy and recovery.

Price: $15

Migraine Melter

Escape your migraine’s evil clutches! Use this nutritional shot to melt away your pain and get you back to what you love. For best results, do this when you feel it coming on, before it gets a strong hold. Any day without a migraine is a good day!

Price: $25

PMS Relief

We know it sucks; we made this vitamin injection to help. Magnesium to relax your cramps, B6 to help replenish the lost red blood cells, and two homeopathics to stabilize your mood, curb your cravings, and lift the fog. There, isn’t that better? See you next month!

Price: $30

Methyl B12 shot

B12 flies solo in this shot. It’s the same idea as the Hydroxy B12, but this formula uses a version of B12 that is already active and ready to go. This is the better choice for those who are severely deficient, or those with a known MTHFR mutation.

Price: $15

Pure Bliss

How can you say no to a vitamin injection called “Pure Bliss”? This little beauty includes an amino acid that tells your brain it’s time to chill out. Choose “Pure Bliss” when you’re feeling anxious, wired, or hyperactive. If you can swing by after work, this would be a great tool to help you shed your stressful day and drift off to sleep tonight!

Price: $15

Flu Fighter PLUS

Use this nutritional injection to help keep the flu away. Homeopathic add-ons enhance the flu fighting within your body. Going on a flight? Kid just started daycare? Attending conferences or family events where there are lots of people in a small space? Think of “Flu Fighter PLUS” ahead of time, and be the only person there who doesn’t get sick!

Price: $35

B Booster

In this injection, all your favorite B vitamins team up with folic acid to give you energy and support your most basic metabolism. Consider doing this weekly to keep you going strong through your work week!

Price: $35

Muscle Relaxer

Tension headache? Legs restless and painful as you’re trying to sleep? Old back injury causing you to tighten up? This nutritional shot has got what you need to quiet those angry muscles and stay loose. Pair this shot with some meditative breathing exercises and you’ll leave your tension behind!

Price: $25

The Wisner

This shot was built for one of our elite athletes! If you could use some help sharpening reflexes and increasing energy for professional level athletics, this is the shot for you (just mention us when you win your next Olympic medal)!

Price: $40

Fat Blaster Plus

This version of the “Fat Blaster” brings out the big guns with an additive that targets your metabolism powerhouse. If you’re ready to pull out all the stops for your weight loss plan, add this potent little guy to your routine!

Price: $50

Flu Fighter

B vitamins and concentrated Echinacea work together in this shot to protect you from viral illnesses such as the flu. Shields engaged and at 100%, Captain!

Price: $15


Stella got her groove back with this formula, and you can too! A ginseng-based ingredient promotes healthy blood sugar, normal blood pressure, and mental clarity. Could this be your new fountain of youth?

Price: $35

Buckshot Injection

Need an energy kick? Try this nutritional injection we like to call a “buckshot”. Loaded up with all the B’s, plus compounds for energy production and fat metabolism, this formula is sure to get your motor running. *Before receiving this injection, tell your doctor if you have an allergy to sulfa medications*

Price: $25

Hydroxy B12 shot

This injection is Vitamin B12, pure and simple. Necessary for so many pathways in your body, this most common form of B12 can be a life-saver for vegetarians, those with certain kinds of anemia, and anyone looking for a little boost.

Price: $15

Joint Juice

Get those joints lubed up and working well with this awesome nutritional injection! This formula eases inflammation, hydrates your joints, and promotes regeneration of cartilage. You’ll be busting a move on the dance floor in no time!

Price: $40

Feeling Puffy

Feeling puffy? Notice those ankles seem a little thick today? Maybe your socks leave indents in your skin or your ring is fitting too snug? Use this vitamin injection to help battle the puffiness by reduciing inflammation throughout your body.

Price: $25


It’s not just for sick people!

The mainstream idea of intravenous (IV) therapy is that it happens in hospitals when people are either very sick or very hurt, so we don’t blame you if the idea seems overwhelming! In truth, IV therapy can be used in many settings for many reasons, and we’re working hard to make this powerful tool accessible to folks outside the hospital. It’s a whole new way of getting the good stuff!

Overcome obstacles of oral therapies.

The most common way of getting nutrients or medicine into you is to take something orally – whether as pills or food – which means it has to go through digestion and your liver before it ever makes it to your blood. This can present two problems: (1) the amount that makes it to your blood is too small, and (2) sometimes our stomach just can’t tolerate the high doses we’d like to use. IV therapy bypasses these issues, making it possible to use higher doses of nutrients without suffering stomach-related side effects.

IV therapy is safe when it’s done right.

IVs at Herban Rain are ONLY administered by trained professionals. We go to great lengths to ensure your formula is strong enough to be effective, but in concentrations that are safe and easy on your system. At your first visit, you’ll be fully informed of the nature of this therapy, and then closely monitored for your first treatment. In most cases, we’re using everyday nutrients and homeopathic compounds, so we’re not dealing with the potential dangers of the pharmaceuticals that are in most hospital IVs.

Personalized therapy every time.

Mixing our own IVs means Herban Rain can customize your formula to you every time. Choose from our extensive menu, mix and match boosters, or ask one of our doctors to make up something special. We don’t mix until your catheter is placed, so every bag is freshly prepared on the spot.

Dripping is free time!

Many clients chose to nap and relax, and others bring their laptop to get some work done. We’ve got reclining chairs, blankets, pillows, footstools, and a variety of teas to make sure your experience is a pleasant one. We even give you a bell to ring for service! If you’re feeling under the weather and want some down time, our Jumbo bags will give you over an hour of peace and quiet to rest up. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up on your lunch break, our Mini bags take about 15 minutes, so you’re in and out with a spring in your step.

Needle-phobes are welcome :) 

We use catheters to administer our IVs, meaning we use a needle to place a small flexible straw in your vein, and then the needle is gone! No sharp objects, plus the freedom to move your arm a bit so you can stay comfortable. If you’re well-hydrated or have excellent veins, catheter placement may take as little as 10 seconds.


OUR LOCATION In Kenmore, just North of Bellevue and Seattle

We are located inside of Lakeview Family Wellness

6016 NE Bothell Way, Suite G

Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone: 425-219-4325

Fax: 425-892-2548

Email: Info@HerbanRain.com


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